A step-by-step guide to the process of publishing artifacts in Maven Central

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I recently published a post on how to record response time with wiremock. Later, I created a java library out of it and published it on Github.

I wanted to go a step further and publish the build artifacts to maven central. Fellow developers can then use them without building from source code. Some changes were needed for the project to be accepted to maven central. This post summarizes these changes and the process of automation using Github Actions.

The artifacts cannot be pushed to maven central directly. They first need to be deployed to the Sonatype OSSRH (OSS Repository…

Wiremock is a wonderful tool for mocking external dependencies for testing. I often swap out the external dependencies/services of an application with wiremock during the application load test.

Wiremock provides a nice recording/snapshotting feature to capture live flows and create stubs from them. It simplifies the effort to create stubs for load tests. I run all my test cases once, record the interactions with dependencies as stubs. These stubs can then be used to perform the load test without invoking dependencies.

I like Wiremock’s answers to imitate the actual dependency, including the response time of the dependency. It will influence…

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Docker/Containers have become the de facto standard for building and deploying applications. The isolation, portability and easy scaling capabilities of containers make them the popular choice for app deployments.

However, containers are not only for application deployments but can also be for local development. They can solve many developer issues. The use of Docker containers during development can have the following advantages.

  • runs on my machine = runs anywhere
  • there are no cumbersome configuration/version incompatibilities
  • The development environment is closer to production
  • easy onboarding of new developers

Let’s see how I use Docker for the development of this blog.


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